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Posts:Since my blog isn’t exclusively a baseball card blog, there’s a lot of other stuff going on here. To see just the posts regarding baseball cards, here is the specific link.


I have completed trades with the following collectors, and they have my full recommendation:

(under construction)
NOTE — I only collect Minnesota Twins cards. These lists of cards are by no means comprehensive. If you don’t see a specific card in any of the following lists, that doesn’t necessarily mean I have it; there are many parallels and inserts that I still need that I haven’t caught up with yet.

Tradelist: (under construction)

HERE, plus I have a lot of various base cards from mid-’80s to current, plus here are a few other areas that I have cards to trade from:

  • several 1971 Topps cards, in various conditions
  • many 1974 Topps cards
  • many 2002 Topps team sets
  • lots of oddball magazine insert and food issue cards

I just may still have cards from past Trade Bait posts: Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox


7 responses to “Baseball Cards

  1. Please message me….I really badly need a card you don’t have on your trade bait list, but you have. Let me know if we may be able to work around it. I will make it more than fair for you if you can. Please email me at my email listed…or if I’m allowed to leave my phone number idk. Thanks.


  2. R Runner – great writing! Very witty and keeps me laughing. What more could anybody want?

    I was taking a look at your 2011 Gypsy Queen WANTS and I have a few you may be interested in. I am chasing a GQ set myself and here are my needs:

    #1-100: 1,2,17,25,26,32,38,81,82,86,89
    #101-200: 135,138,180,187,
    #201-300: 217,228,238,242,281,290
    #301-350: 305,307,311,313,317,318,320,325,326,328,332-335,337-339,342,345-350
    Great Ones: 3,7,10-12,14,21,23,25,26
    Home Run Heroes: 4,10,13,17,21,22
    Future Stars: 17
    Sticky Fingers: 9
    Wall Climbers: 2

    Here is what I have for you:
    Base: 304 Duensing
    Green Border: 72 Morneau
    Mini: 106 Revere, 121 Cuddyer
    HH: 14 Thome
    SF: 12 Hudson

    Let me know if you’re interested & keep the posts coming!

    Ryan (

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a massive Twins/Orioles trade. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I just got around to contacting you. I know I can knock off a ton a cards from your lists. You can find my wantlists linked on my blog. Contact me if you are interested!

  4. Hello!

    Wondering if you’re interested in the Twins in our trade box.

    We should be able to flesh out your 2004 Fleer Platinum, 2006 Ovation, 2006 Artifacts, and a few other inserts.

    Let us know if you’re interested.

    Tony & Isaac

  5. I noticed you had a mention of a 1995 UD Redeemed Puckett #R55 listed on your website. Was this card part of a want list or is it available for sale?

  6. Hey! I did get your email about a possible trade for Rockies. I’m really trying to get myself better organized with the trading thing! I have gathered a few Twins cards and will look over your wants and let you know what I come up with! Send me your address and let me know what you think.
    aka the middle child

  7. Saw your comment on my Molitor post – I have some more Twins cards to throw in with it! Looking forward to a trade!

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