The Hook Is Baited

On our way home from NW Minnesota, I got a message on my cellphone, and it contained this picture —–>
Turns out nephew Dima and Grandpa took advantage of the calm after virtually all the relations had left, and went fishing off a dock at a neighboring lake. Well, Dima is quite the fisherman, pulling in this lunker after a nice fight. Northern Pike never looked so good.
I’ve been busy with work, watching the Olympics, as well swinging trades (most of them at The Bench), and thought I’d best point out my trade bait page again. A lot of great cards are disappearing from there! Should also mention that I’m participating in Spookymilk’s latest writer’s challenge. It’s minus the Survivor part of it, so we’ll see how that goes. So far my mind is a blank for the first challenge :/

Josh at Royals and Randoms posted a puzzler a while back, and I happened to figure out the answer was Orange Julius, leading him to send me this awesome pile:

a fine variety of Fleer, Upper Deck, Topps, and Donruss

I responded in kind with some items off my trade bait page for him.

Meanwhile, Wicked Ortega from The Cardboard Don nicely polished up a trade as well, which included an upgrade for my ’70 Oliva.

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Upper Deck Goudey Graphs #GG-GP Glen Perkins (auto); 1970 Topps #510 Tony Oliva; 2005 Topps Heritage Chrome refractor #THC26 Torii Hunter [080/556]; 2012 Topps Walmart Blue border #230 Justin Morneau

btw, I like the new blog look and feel, Wicked. Thanks for the trade, guys!

One response to “The Hook Is Baited

  1. Sorry I never saw this before. Glad you liked it! 🙂

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