A Gallery Of Trades

Been looking forward to trading with Beardy from The Mojo Beard for a while now; being one who sports a seasonal face-warmer myself (it’s in goatee form right now), I appreciate all that The Bearded One stands for. Well, Beardy had some box break Twins he sent me in exchange for some various Orioles cards. His package contained several Topps Gallery and Gallery HOF, some SP Authentic, and last year’s Bowman Draft — all appreciated. And some Killebrew singles to continue to show here:

clockwise, from top left: 1998 Upper Deck SP Authentic #21 David Ortiz; 2003 Topps Gallery Artist Proof #188 Joe Mauer; 2003 Topps Gallery HOF #43 Harmon Killebrew (red hat variation); 2003 Topps Gallery HOF #43 Harmon Killebrew (blue hat variation)

And in addition, I made my second trade to a trader from SportsCardFun.com. Alan had a Hunter relic and made a prisoner exchange with a relic card I had here.

2008 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection #CC-TKH Torii Hunter (jersey)

Two more traders to add to the trader list; thanks guys!


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