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Twins Gameday Graphics for 2014 Season

Sixth year for my tradition of posting various graphics to be used in the WGOM Twins’ game logs this season. These are available on top of pertinent graphics from previous seasons.

This list is under construction thanks to the new ballplayers and memes as the season progresses. First are the strikeout thumbnails for the new pitchers:

Ricky Nolasco:
nolasco K nolasco backwards K

Kyle Gibson:
gibson K gibson backwards K

Phil Hughes:
hughes K hughes backwards K

And various miscellaneous…



he who shall not be named



Twins Gameday Graphics for 2013 Season

It’s the fifth year of the tradition of posting various graphics to be used in the WGOM Twins’ game logs this season, brought to you mostly by the magic of MS Paint.

This list is underconstruction; God knows there are enough new players that will need fleshing out these first few weeks. As always, past season graphics are still in play. First up are the strikeout thumbnails:

Vance Worley:
vw K vw backwards K

Kevin Correia:
KC K KC backwards K

Glen Perkins:
perk k

And various miscellaneous…
oh crap

Twins Gameday Graphics for 2012 Season

Time to continue a tradition of creating various graphics to be used in the WGOM Twins’ game logs this season. This is the fourth year I’ve done a little screen capture and MS Paint magic with the hometown team.

These are under construction, so I’ll be adding more as we go. Some I’ve carried forward from last season, but I should revise them a bit, too.  Let’s see what we have so far:

Scotty “Light Rail” Baker:


Carl Pavano

Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano

Nick Blackburn

Matt Capps:

. . .

And in addition:

2011 WGOM Season Graphics

Well, normally I have the various season graphics in place before the season started, but it never happened this year, and, well, better late than never.

These are some of the ones I’ve built or gathered for use in the game logs at

Kevin Slowey:

Michael Cuddyer:

Joe Mauer:

Glen Perkins:

Delmon Young:

Alex Burnett:

Revised Twins Gameday Graphics for 2010 Season

Last year, I created a repository of some graphics that could be used in WGOM Gameday logs, and it’s time to give them a little facelift, and take into account new players on this year’s staff.  Here we go:

Scotty “Light Rail” Baker:


Kevin Slowey

Carl Pavano

Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano

Nick Blackburn

Jon Rauch

Anthony Slama


Matt Capps:

Jeff Manship:

. . .

And in addition:

2009 WGOM Game Log graphics

(under construction)

The game logs over at WGOM are a blast, but since the move to a new server, The Vault, where the graphics are held, is full of empty links. Looks like it’s time for me to make my own graphics vault for easy and quick access during the game-time stress of a sudden rally or turn of events.

First off, the BB scorecard image for Sheenie’s breast cancer walkathon fundraiser


For each K thrown by a Twins starter, a graphic for the respective pitcher is needed. In the case of Baker, several different ones are required.

Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano:

Kevin Slowey:

Nick Blackburn:

Glen Perkins:

R.A. Dickey:

Anthony Swarzak  (forwards and backwards K):
K backwards K

Scott “Light Rail” Baker: (you think 10 is enough?)

Carl Pavano:
no milano