Some Niceties from The Middle Child, and a Pop-Tarts Checklist

In what has been a whirlwind week of packages arriving and departing, one was from Shellie at the middle child, who took up my offer of a Rockies-for-Twins team swap. She sent a nice little mix of miscellaneous cards I needed from my wantlist, particularly from 1998 (plus the dump of requisite junk wax, of course): a few Pacific cards, some UD and Pinnacle base and parallels, and also a few singles from Topps sets like Topps Gallery and Archives.

clockwise, from top left: 1998 Score Pinnacle Museum Collection #PP34 Brad Radke; 1998 Pacific Omega #145 Terry Steinbach; 1998 Upper Deck #548 Corey Koskie; 2003 Fleer Jersey Edition Franchise Focus #10 Torii Hunter, there’s that “franchise” mislabel again

Once again, I independently verify that reflective mottled surfaces on baseball cards do not scan well. Anyway, thanks again Shellie — you came through with some winners. I hope my return package likewise has some Rockies that you needed.

Earlier in the year I posted a rather disappointing double box break of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, and I just found a checklist for the 2010 set, on the inside of a recent box I opened:

2010 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Set checklist

Like the cards from that double box break, the checklist is disappointing, too. It appears the set has a mix of past ballplayers (Darryl Strawberry, Mordecai? Gates? Darrell? Brown, Cookie Rojas?) and unknown minor leaguers, and in a wide variety of styles: plain and glossy (“Unfrosted” and “Frosted”), retro “20% Fiber”, and something called “Low Fat”. All in all, very confusing, and as I stated before, the set does not get my recommendation unless you are an absolute hardcore completist.


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