Dug Out Of The Dugout (+ Black Friday Summary)

Not long ago, Kyle from Nolan’s Dugout reached out to me regarding a trade, followed by some serious searching through our respective trade piles. When the smoke cleared, we each had ~30 cards for each other, and put some good hurt on our wantlists. Here’s a good example of the type of cards that crossed paths in the mail:

clockwise, from top left: 1997 Donruss Press Proof Silver #148 Greg Myers; 1998 Pacific Invincible #45 Marty Cordova; 2000 Bowman Retro #257 Matt LeCroy; 1998 Pinnacle Inside #29 Chuck Knoblauch; 1996 Upper Deck #109 Paul Molitor; 1996 Flair Gold #121 Brad Radke

Thanks for taking the time to dig through your dugout, Kyle! Let’s do it again sometime.

‘Tis the time of year for Black Friday as well, and so I made my annual online pilgrimage to COMC. I selected 77 Twins cards, satisfying these criteria:

  • AU: 23 (1st’s: Scott Aldred, Erik Bennett, Travis Bowyer, Matthew Fox)
  • GU: 2
  • Lewwwww Ford!: 3 (1 AU, 2 GU)
  • vintage: 2 (’63, ’67)
  • oddball: 6 (’74 stamps, ’76 O-Pee-Chee, ’79 comic, ’82 sticker, ’90 O-Pee-Chee)
  • s#’d: 14
  • parallels: 23
  • Pucketts: 12 (4 proofs, 1 1st day)
  • UD Documentary Gold: 5

A sampling:

clockwise, from top left: 2005 Donruss Signature Series Silver #67 Travis Bowyer (auto); 2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects #314 Matthew Fox [308/600] (auto); 1996 Donruss Leaf Signature Extended Erik Bennett (auto); 2005 Donruss Classics Team Colors #TC-23 Lew Ford [045/100] (bat/jersey); 2005 Donruss Leaf Century Post Marks Silver #198 Jacque Jones [032/100] (auto); 2004 Fleer National Pastime Signature Swings #SSA-LF Lew Ford [024/183] (auto); 2005 Donruss Leaf Century Position #71 Lew Ford [171/250] (jersey); 1996 Donruss Leaf Signature Extended Scott Aldred (auto)


2 responses to “Dug Out Of The Dugout (+ Black Friday Summary)

  1. Nice haul! I thought about buying a bunch of stuff from comc but decided to get some boxes from Blowout instead. My desire to rip packs could not be overcome, haha.

  2. 1996 Leaf Signature cards! Awesome

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