A Couple Of Giant Trades (And More Trade Bait)

Well, one of the trades was for San Francisco Giants cards, but I pretty much consider all trades a giant trade 😉

I approached arpsmith at Arpsmith’s Sportscard Obsession about a trade, knowing he collected Giants, of which I had several at my trade bait page (I’ve recently added Dodgers, Mets, and White Sox cards — check ’em out). He took a good chunk of the Giants trade bait list, and in exchange he plowed through my wantlists and sent some nice stuff.

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Panini Playoff Contenders Award Winners Alex Wimmers [063/149] (auto); 2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection #CC-FL Francisco Liriano (jersey); 2003 Topps Update Gold #T171 Lew Ford [1820/2003]; 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Franchise Members Triple Blue #FM3-12 Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau/Joe Nathan [24/25]

There were several minis, some 2012 Topps Stickers, a few serial #’d cards…a really nice variety.

clockwise, from top left: 2010 Topps Pro Debut Blue #367 Eddie Rosario [168/369]; 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic #52 Kirby Puckett; 2001 Fleer Platinum Parallel #88 Doug Mientkiewicz [008/201]; 2005 Donruss #48 Joe Mauer

The second trade was with William at foul bunt. William had a sweet looking 2011 Topps Marquee card that I asked about, and we worked out a trade for it. It really is a beautiful card, in spite of being numbered to 199.

2011 Topps Marquee Game Time Mementos #GMQR-16 Johan Santana [165/199] (quad jersey)

Thanks guys!

3 responses to “A Couple Of Giant Trades (And More Trade Bait)

  1. I’m glad you liked the Santana. Hope to do some more trades in the future.

  2. Man, that is one B.A. Santana! However… I’m a bit confused. It’s a 2011 card featuring Johan in a Twins jersey (from 2007?)… and, correct me if I’m wrong, but… is that a Mets patch?? Oh, Topps. lol

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