Imposed Charity Mailing? Not If I Can Help It!

Okay, I’m going to add a new term to my previous baseball card trade terminology lexicon:

  • imposed charity mailing – when someone sends you cards but provides no aid with what to send in return

I expressed interest in an Orange Refractor of Glen Perkins (see below) that Ryan from Ryan’s Memorabilia had included in a trade bait post. Instead of working out a trade for it (and hopefully other Twins cards), Ryan asked for my address, and instead ignored my request for his return address; all the makings of an imposed charity mailing (and a small team dump, at that)! I’ll play your game you rogue — your package has a return address on it, so you’re going to find that you can expect a shotgun feel-good mailing back at you. What do you think about that?!

Of the couple dozen cards that were sent, five were off my wantlists, plus a couple nice minor league cards (which I don’t actively collect, but I don’t turn down, either). Besides the four shown below, there was also an additional Pacific card of Ron Coomer (“W.A.S.T.E.”, or Worst All-Star Twin Ever). I will certainly find a good home for the others cards, too.

clockwise, from top left: 2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber Gold #80 Jacque Jones [19/25]; 1998 Topps Stadium Club #220 Frank Rodriguez; 2010 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor #168 Glen Perkins; 1999 Pacific Paramount #132 Ron Coomer

Ryan, you did good! Now let’s see what kind of stuff I can roust up to return in your direction…

4 responses to “Imposed Charity Mailing? Not If I Can Help It!

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  2. Your orange refractor looks red to me. 🙂

  3. Glad the cards made it in good shape!

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