Hittin’ Some Phungo

Just completed a Phillies/Twins swap with Phungo. Phungo included a few nice vintage, and while there were some minor corner or crease issues, the cards will do a great job of holding down a spot until something better comes along someday.

clockwise, from top left:  1964 Topps #500 Camilo Pascual; 2005 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Common #PPC_BR Brad Radke [270/425]; 2005 Topps Bazooka Gold #110 Joe Nathan; 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Swatches #SS-MO Justin Morneau [14/15]

A couple cards had serial numbers, including the 2008 Spectrum Swatch shown above; what’s up with this set? It seems like each colored parallel has it’s own print run, and although the Morneau is 1 of 15 and looks like a Light Blue, 15 does not seem to be the typical print run. No idea how that works.

Oh, and I also now have four Limited Edition phungo cards, including the valuable Mauer pictured below. I think I can be swayed to trade the Morrisette and Luzinski cards…maybe. Got some nice Phillies cards looking for a home? Contact Phungo!

One response to “Hittin’ Some Phungo

  1. I have no clue on the rhyme or reason for the print runs on the Morneau relic. A lot of the color schemes are pretty close and I think I have seen the blues all over the map 15, 20 and 25.

    There are Reds and Greens and Purples I can think of off the top of my head.

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