Grand Cards

Just completed another trade through the mail, and at the same time proved that there can be civility between rival teams when it comes to swapping cards.  Over at Grand Cards, the Detroit Tigers are the featured team, and more specifically, the site’s namesake Curtis Granderson.  Here are a few of the Twins cards from the return part of the trade:

Grand Cards cards
clockwise, from top left: 2007 Topps Gold #569 Bartlett (1203/2007), 2008 Upper Deck Hot Commodities #HC17 Morneau, 2008 Topps Gold #287 Morneau/Santana/Mauer (0139/2008), 2009 Topps Toppstown Gold #TTT12 Morneau

I didn’t even know that Topps made a gold parallel of the Toppstown cards.  Live and learn.  Anyway, if you have any cards from the Grand Cards wantlist, I wholeheartedly recommend making a trade offer, especially if it can help heal the memory of Game 163.  (Aw, sorry, I couldn’t help myself 😉 )


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