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Game 3 – Twins 6, Cardinals 2

The final game of the interleague series against the Cardinals was played on a beautiful day; temps started at 83F and rose to upper 80’s, but a cool, less-humid breeze blowing from leftfield to rightfield kept our shaded seats quite comfortable. For this game, I decide to leave the ol’ “TC” hat at home and wear the “M” instead, hoping the 1987 look would help the team turn the corner after yesterday’s loss.

stan the man
Stan Musial, actual size

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Game 2 – Cardinals 5, Twins 3

Today’s game was hot: 88F just a ½ hour from gametime; my wife tells me it reached 102F today. Still, our seats were in shade the whole game, and we had a slight breeze again. Neighbor J attended the game with me once more.

How cool will it be when the Mpls skyline is visible in the outfield?

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Game 1 – Twins 3, Cardinals 1

First game of a potentially hot series between the Cards and the Twins got off to a great start last night, and good neighbor J was with me to watch it.

At least there was a slight breeze…

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Friday Random 10 – Pre-Twins/Cardinals Series Edition

Go Twins!!
Let’s get started…

  1. echolynSettled Land” – Echolyn, “As the World
  2. “So Sincere” – Gentle Giant, “The Power and the Glory
  3. Peg” – Steely Dan, “Aja
  4. “Mudd’s Women: Three Venuses/Meet Mr. Mudd/Hello Girls/Venus Aboard/Mudd Laffs” – Fred Steiner, “Star Trek TV Soundtrack, Vol. 1
  5. “Siren Song” – Alan Parsons, “Try Anything Once
  6. “Love Will Find a Way” – Pablo Cruise, “Worlds Away
  7. “Parca Güell” – Eric Woolfson, “Gaudi
  8. “Dead Already” – Thomas Newman, “American Beauty soundtrack
  9. “The Sahara of the Snow, Pt. 1” – Bill Bruford, “One of a Kind
  10. “The Pearl” – Harold Budd & Brian Eno, “The Pearl

Bonus Track:  “The Boxer” – Simon & Garfunkel, “Bridge Over Troubled Water

There you have it.  Go Twins!!

CA Flashback II – “Dial ‘M’ for Murray”

Back in 1985, in the days of working at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, I received a curious note from Rob Horton on the B-2 radar program’s mainframe.  It turned out to be the first paragraph of a “chain story”, and led to five chapters of entertainment for the nine of us who participated in “Dial ‘M’ for Murray“, an explosive bestseller of espionage and silliness in the 20th century, book one of the “Murray Schlemovich vs. the World” collection (of which there were 1½ books written).

The concept was good, but the story from one moment to the next took on the feel of Sam Spade, James Bond, Monty Python, Buckaroo Banzai, Airplane!, and everything in between.  It was a 14-page rollercoaster, but somehow Rob managed to tie up loose ends and bring it to a satisfying close.

The writing entailed some heavy grammar and spelling corrections at times.  The challenge became to reign in some contributor’s craziness and pull in the plot line to something more, well, serious.  More than once something mentioned casually in one paragraph became something literal in another, only to become a code word in a subsequent paragraph.  Mayhem.  But it was a blast.

Here is my first contribution to the story, paragraph two of the first chapter:

Dial “M” for Murray

Chapter 1: “…a proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood…” – Proverbs 6:17

. . .

“Where the hell is Tarpo and The Wailer?”, he asked the small rat in the corner, who looked up from his meal of sausage skins Murray had thrown at him.  The sausage skins were quickly joined by an emptied V8 with a banana peal stuffed into it.

The rat didn’t answer, though, not knowing that at that very moment Tarpo was floating among the rotted wood and fish-heads in the fetid water between the support posts of the market’s loading dock, and The Wailer was lying face-down not six feet from the market’s back door, a wicked claw hammer protruding from the back of his rib cage.  Nor was the rat able to quell Murray’s anxious thoughts of Jenny, whom it had not met, but whom Murray knew very well.

. . .

Friday Random 10

Shuffled music festivale…

anderson animation

  1. Animation” – Jon Anderson, “Animation
  2. “The Golden Age of Steam” – Steve Hackett, “Darktown
  3. “Sunrise” – Icehouse, “Man of Colours
  4. “How You Shone” – Roger Eno, “Swimming
  5. “The Great River” – Howard Shore, “The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack
  6. “Heel on the Shovel” – 16 Horsepower, “Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes
  7. “Geoff Downes – Keyboard Solo” – Asia, “Live at Budokan
  8. “Slow and Easy” – Henry Mancini, “The Music from Peter Gunn soundtrack
  9. “Mister Class and Quality?” – Gentle Giant, “Three Friends
  10. World Machine” – Level 42, “World Machine

Fin. Enjoy your weekend!

Lord of the Flies

With recent nice weather, and oak allergy season well in the rearview mirror, I’ve been out on periodic photo safaris in the back yard, and entomological activity has been picking up.
My favorite location to search is along the low weeds and foliage along the back treeline.  Currently there are veritable swarms of hangingflies, as well as white-margined burrower bugs (2nd year seeing those in large numbers). Nice to see various dragonflies as well; photographed a Great Blue Skimmer for the first time, although only from a distance.
I ended up with a few nice pictures to add to my diptera webpage, though:

Tiger Fly (Coenosia)
Tiger Fly Coenosia

Delphinia picta
Picture-Winged Fly Delphinia picta

unknown fly
male Snipe Fly Chrysopilus

Wheelin’in’ and Dealin’in’

In the past few weeks, I’ve completed three successful trades over the internet (I say completed, but I have yet to get all the cards filed in binders yet), and wanted to give a shout out to each of them; they are all great trading partners, and have my full endorsement.

Matt F. over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius agreed to the first trade, finding a home for some of my well-loved 1971 cards (ie: years from being near-mint) in exchange for a slug of Twins.

classic phone card Next, Spiff (Texas Rangers Cards) and I exchanged a few emails and put together a Rangers / Twins exchange.  I find it interesting that I’m not the only one who gets more of a thrill from the oddball than the valuable.

Lastly, GCRL at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes sent me a cr@pload of Twins, which I countered with some Dodgers and missing set cards he needed (including a sweet 1961 Drysdale that I got a good deal on).  I still have a ton of 90’s singles to wade through yet (pretty sure I have most of them — the hazards of a hit-and-miss wantlist).

One (of several) reasons I decided to take the plunge and create my own blog was to have a home-base for trades like these, and to start putting my want list in a public location.  Maybe I’ll see about also creating a page to house what I have to trade (which is modest, but has some interesting stuff mixed in).