A Grand Giveaway

Holy crap — when Grand Cards has a giveaway, he means it! Sure, I sent him some Tigers cards in trade, but I got a massive buttload of Twins junk wax in return (with a few newer cards, and at least a couple in there that I needed, for sure) — no idea how many, but the stack is 4-1/8″ tall. I’m going to have a good time combining them with my own dupes and build some team sets out of them. I have a couple young nephews I can see getting them, and also bundling them in trades.

It had to have been cathartic to excise these Twins cards from the collection, huh?  It’s become a dark season for Tigers fans this past week.  No one wants to win a division against a team that way (although Ozzie isn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth).

piles o’ Twins; btw dude, you’re docked major points for He Who Must Not Be Named there on the top right

Thanks again, and I’m pretty certain I have some more cards around here that’ll migrate back in your direction someday.

a couple I knew I needed, left to right: 1994 Topps Stadium Club Golden Rainbow #193 Lenny Webster; 1989 Kahn’s/Hillshire Farm Cooperstown Collection Harmon Killebrew


One response to “A Grand Giveaway

  1. Play at the Plate

    That was a Grand giveaway! I couldn’t believe all the Rangers I got.

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