Baseball Card Fever

While creating an offseason series of posts at WGOM featuring Upper Deck’s 2008 Documentary baseball cards, I decided to try and find additional cards with Twins’ ballgames on them. In my search, I stumbled across Matt F’s Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius blog, and over the course of a week we managed to finagle a trade (and I found a good home for several of my ’71 Topps which were just sitting around in a box in the basement). 

Then, Mark over at Baseball Plus had a couple boxes of cards he’d picked up from someone, and in the course of “dumpster diving” through them (which I mentioned in an earlier post), I was able to find several recent cards that I had missed through apathy the last few years.

I think I’ll monitor a few websites to see if there can’t be more trades in the making; in the meantime, you’ll see a “Want List” link at the top of the blog, and I’ve begun a few pages with known cards I’m missing from my Twins collection.  It’s going to take me a long time to flesh it out, but that should keep me out of trouble for quite a while…

aj AJ with a (bad) variation of Tony Pena’s catching stance

cuddy first baseman’s glove?!  THIS STORY ONLY ENDS ONE WAY


3 responses to “Baseball Card Fever

  1. matt is a good trader. i know i have a bunch of twins – if you want to send me your address, i will ship some to you.
    jim (gcrl)

  2. excellent use of the STORY meme.

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