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Ocean City Redux

Apparently we behaved ourselves last year when we were invited to stay with Mo’s brother’s family at their beachfront rental in Ocean City, NJ, because they invited us back again this year. Who are we to say no?

Atlantic sunrise

This year K got to go as well, taking vacation from her new job to do so. It was nice that she could see her NJ cousins’ extended family after so many years.

We played it cool this year, relaxing on the beach and/or in the house, with wonderful ocean breezes drifting through the windows. We took advantage of a budding bartender in our midst to sample a few different drinks while we were there. My Almond Joey favorite didn’t go over all the well with others, but Mo found a new favorite in the Jolly Rancher.

afternoon drinks
the bar is open

The weather was cool and beautiful, with the wind picking up the last day and a half we were there. Fewer windsurfers were visible than last time; we instead saw more dolphins in the distance passing by.

afternoon waves
afternoon surf, with Atlantic City in the background

Yep, this bit of vacation was much needed and well spent — a good time was had by all.



Jersey Shore

It definitely wasn’t on our vacation radar this year, but Mo and I found ourselves on a beautiful long weekend in Ocean City, NJ. Mo’s brother and family rent a home on the beach during the off season, and we were invited to stay; Southwest was having a fare sale, we had enough frequent flier miles, and we had a flexibility in our schedule to allow us to say, “Yes!”

The weather was cool an breezy while we were there, and the beach was very sparsely occupied. Paraglider surfers were out most days, as were a few kites, walkers (some with their dogs), and waders.

Margie and Mo relaxing on the beach

We had a great time during an evening party on one of the first afternoons there, splitting time visiting in the house while snacking and drinking, and hanging outside visiting on the beach. A couple different mornings we happened to catch dolphins swimming southward just a ways off shore.


We were only a few blocks from the south end of the boardwalk in Ocean City, so we drove north and took in a nice stroll, window shopping and people watching. We returned on a later night for some fine pizza.

Ocean City boardwalk

Atlantic City loomed like Mordor to the north from our beach vantage point. While the Miss America pageant was being televised, we could look out the deck at the source of the broadcast.

atlantic city
Atlantic City

On our last full day, we drove down to Cape May, the southernmost point of New Jersey, which is an old resort town. We we arrived, we were very much struck with how similar it was to Key West, although both being historical touristy resort towns with Victorian architecture, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. We took an informative trolley tour of the city, then walked through one of the historic homes on display. There were many shops we checked out, although even off season the place was hopping.

cape may
Cape May shops

Thanks again Mark & Margie (and Greg & Danny) for inviting us and for being wonderful hosts. We had a enjoyable and relaxing time.