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Mail Day — And It’s Not Factory Sealed

Among the bills and junk mail were a couple packages (for me, not Mo or K!), and turns out they were from Scott at Hand Collated, and AdamE at Thoughts & Sox.

AdamE’s was basically a “thanks for the Virdon card; hope you’re still alive” envelope, but it had sweet 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor Morneau, a Carew reprint, and a Topps Puckett rookie – nice! Although I already have Kirby’s card, I know I can turn it around this summer “up Nort'” for some quality stuff.

In addition, Scott had some cards as part of this trade, and the delay was no problem. Wiped from the wantlists were some Gold, Red Letter, Gold Foil, and Wal-Mart Black Border Topps parallels from the past few years, as well as a few others.

clockwise, from top left:  2009 Topps ToppsTown Gold #TTT26 Joe Mauer; 2008 Topps Update Gold #UH115 Mike Lamb [0157/2008]; 2009 Topps Wal-Mart Black Border #212 Denard Span; 2008 Topps Gold Foil #626 Mike Redmond

I love incoming mail, and a double arrival is twice as nice. I have a couple more trades on the horizon, and they will be equally anticipated.

As a note, I decided to try create a portal here on my blog to my insect photo collection: you can see my attempt by clicking INSECTS at the top of the page. I’ve had the old homepage hosted at with my genealogy pages, somewhat taking advantage of Ancestry’s hospitality. Someday when I’m not as cheap, and better know what I’m doing, I’ll uproot the whole thing and locate it where it better belongs. Meanwhile, enjoy!


StreamingSoundtracks Contest Photos Flashback

In the past, when I was more active at StreamingSoundtracks, I participated in what was tongue-in-cheek referred to at SST as the “Sexiest Photo Contest”. The contest has been held annually since ~2001 or so. The regular listeners would send in an “anonymous” photo taken within the previous twelve months, and then two webpages would be set up to display all the photos, one for the guys and one for the gals, where the listeners could vote on the “sexiest” photo.

A limited amount of photoshopping of the photos was allowed, so I decided to use soundtrack covers as the basis for my entries. Ennio Morricone was a big topic of conversation in 2006, so I took the beautiful album of Yo-Yo Ma playing his music. The following year, I took a cover from my favorite soundtrack composer (and an SST favorite), Joe Hisaishi.

2006 Entry:
contest entry, and original cover of Yo-Yo Ma Plays the Ennio Morricone

2007 Entry:
contest entry, and original cover of Joe Hisaishi Meets Kitano Films

Even though I haven’t been a regular visitor that last several years, I guess I should keep my eyes open for the 2010 contest announcement this fall. There are plenty more great soundtrack covers out there…

Track of the Day: My favorite movie track, “The Sixth Station” from Spirited Away, by Joe Hisaishi

Friday Random 10: This Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life…

…or however the ad campaign slogan went.  Here’s the first 10 soundtrack tunes to pop up off the external Passport HD:

  1. In the Cornfield” – James Newton Howard, Signs
  2. “Missle Lock” – Michael Giacchino, The Incredibles
  3. “Pai Theme” – Lisa Gerrard, Whale Rider
  4. “Wormhole” – Wendy Carlos, Tron
  5. “Haircuts” – James Newton Howard, Waterworld
  6. “Suture Self” – Ensemble Studios, Age of Mythology soundtrack
  7. PiR2” – Clint Mansell, Pi
  8. “Main Title/Closing Theme” – Fred Steiner, Star Trek TV Soundtrack, Vol. 2
  9. “Full Circle” – Christopher Gordon, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  10. “Green Destiny (Love Theme” – Tan Dun, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

TGIF, and Go Twins!

Insect Photo of the Day:
Common Stonefly Perlesta, on the back fence

Pandora Friday Random 10

It’s Friday; fire up the randomizer, Pandora.  Good luck with your finals, K!

  1. “Honeymoon on Mars” – Be Bop Deluxe, Modern Music
  2. “Roll the Bones” – Rush, Roll the Bones
  3. “Trinka” – Greg Howe, Hyperacuity
  4. “Waste” – Smash Mouth, All Star Smash Hits
  5. “Power” – Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Eternal Dance
  6. “Regret” – New Order, Singles
  7. “The Fez” – Steely Dan, Citizen Steely Dan
  8. “Nastymachine” – Marty Friedman, Music for Speeding
  9. “Eyes of the Girl” – Wang Chung, Mosaic
  10. “Love” – The Sundays, Blind


Want to Make a Great Trade? Sign Here…And Here

A while back, I dropped by Sign Here…And Here. (clever name) to see about a cardboard exchange.  For some vintage Orioles, C.P. sent a great Twins variety pack in return, including a couple refractors, some chrome, a few serial #’d, a couple vintage, a jersey relic…and I even helped him get rid of some junk wax.

clockwise, from top left: 2008 Topps Chrome Refractor #31 Justin Morneau; 2006 Fleer Flair Showcase Field Box Legacy Blue #135 Johan Santana [68/150]; 2007 Topps Turkey Red Refractor #90 Justin Morneau [431/999]; 2004 Topps Chrome-Town Heroes #CHR-SST Shannon Stewart

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