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Friday Random 10

Another Friday, another ten random tracks, this time straight off the external HD:

  1. “Hearing Aid” – They Might Be Giants, Flood
  2. “The Demon Power II” – Joe Hisaishi, Princess Mononoke soundtrack
  3. “Cairo” – Geoff Downes, The World Service
  4. “Farewell” – Tan Dun, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack
  5. “Like Everyone She Knows” – James Taylor, New Moon Shine
  6. “Plurnstyle”, Ozric Tentacles, Become the Other
  7. “Temperament of Mind” – The Strawbs, Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios
  8. “The Calling” – Ira Stein & Russel Walder, Transit
  9. “Lucky Sevens” – The Push Stars, Paint the Town
  10. “Zawinul/Lava” – Brian Eno, Another Green World

Enjoy your weekend!


Collective Troll Just Doesn’t Get It

I noted that Collective Troll had a couple of this year’s Topps Gold Twins posted on his blog, and I took a stab at his Rays wantlist to work out a trade for them (and others).  On my return from an Omaha business trip, a package had arrived:

clockwise, from top left: 2010 Topps Gold #273 Pat Neshek [1811/2010]; 2010 Topps Gold #101 Scott Baker [750/2010]; 1973 Topps Vikings Team Checklist – huh?!; 1972 Topps #515 Bert Blyleven

Two 2010 Topps Gold cards – check.  A few other hits on my wantlists – check.  What’s this – some vintage cards?  Cool.  I have them, but a couple are upgrades – nice.  Some junk wax; oh well, everyone likes to clean out their stock, and I can find them a new home.  And…huh?!  A 1973 Topps Vikings Team Checklist?!  Ha!  Okay, whatever.  Yeah, obviously Troll just doesn’t get it…enough credit for his great work, that is.  Keep up the good fight, CT, and thanks for the cards – even the Vikes card!

Kauffman Stadium: Twins 3, Royals 4

When friend Gene suggested a couple months back that he would totally enjoy a weekend road trip to see the Royals and Twins play in KC, I came back later to tell him that the Twins would have a Sunday day game there on April 25th…and a road trip was in the making.

We played the waiting game while watching the rainy weather, and Saturday night Gene pulled the trigger and snagged a couple nice tickets to the right of home plate, the first row on the loge level. In addition, Big Mak and his wife were also going to be at this game, so I had the opportunity to meet them for the first time.

Along the 3½ hour drive, we could tell that we wouldn’t be shaking the cloud cover, and although chances of any major rainfall were unlikely, there would be a cool breeze blowing.

Big Mak was on his game – less than a minute after we met, eagle eye spotted this ULLGER UNIFORM walking by!  What’s up with that?!

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Pandora Friday Random 10

Twins are 11-5, we got 1/3″ rain overnight (finally!), K got a job for next semester, it’s a Friday…things are looking pretty rosy…

  1. “Heaven in My Hands” – Level 41, Level Best
  2. “Clocks (live)” – Coldplay, Left Right Left Right Left
  3. “Ocean Rain” – Echo & The Bunnymen, Ocean Rain
  4. “Don’t Cry” – Asia, Alpha
  5. “Paradize” – Bodeans, Black and White
  6. “When the Heart Rules the Mind” – GTR, GTR
  7. “Corcovado” – Henry Allen, Essential Jazz Bossa
  8. “I Get Along” – Pet Shop Boys, PopArt
  9. “On the Verge of Darkening Lights” – Eloy, Planets
  10. “The Hut Of Baba Yaga/The Great Gates Of Kiev (Live)”, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, The Very Best of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

A “Safe!” Call On A Play At The Plate

Over that past few weeks, I’ve been working on a trade with Play at the Plate, and we eventually worked out a Twins-for-Rangers (and Senators) swap.  Between vacations and battles with allergies, it may have taken a while to get done, but there are now lots of ’74 Rangers (and a few Senators) in a happier place, and an excellent variety of  Twins have come home to roost.

clockwise, from top left: 1998 Donruss Leaf Heading for the Hall #14 Paul Molitor [3167/3500]; 2000 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion #89G Chad Allen; 1999 Pacific Omega #142 Paul Molitor; 1997 Donruss Preferred X-Ponential Power #2a Paul Molitor [1860/3000]

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Season Opener Pandora Random 10

The 2010 baseball season is upon us!  The Twins are 3-1!  We need music!  And fewer exclamation marks!

  1. “Fly from Heaven” – Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dulcinea
  2. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” – Police, Zenyatta Mondatta
  3. “Birthright” – a-ha, Analogue
  4. “Let’s Go” – The Cars, Candy-O
  5. “Straight Ahead” – Paul Hardcastle, Paul Hardcastle 4
  6. “In My Place” – Coldplay, A Sudden Rush to the Head
  7. “Waiting for a Star to Fall” – Boy Meets Girl, Reel Life
  8. “Kyrie” – Mr. Mister, Welcome to the Real World
  9. “Satisfied” – Richard Marx, Greatest Hits
  10. “Jewel Thieves” – The Rippingtons, Live Across America

Time to blank the Blanco Sox!

Jim Goodreid Goes All Rambo On My Twins’ Wantlist

The other day I stumbled over fellow Twins cards collector Jim Goodreid’s website at Fun To Trade Cards and thought I’d see if he would be interested in a trade — I’d been building up my doubles from previous trades. Turns out, Jim has a pretty extensive collection, so finding anything he needed was a struggle. Meanwhile, Jim had scads of the base cards from my wantlist, and sent them along before I could even write up an IOU.

I thought I’d use this post to feature card images from this trade of some past and current Twins, and their nicknames with the gang over at WGOM.

clockwise, from top left: 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated #91 Ron Coomer; 2003 Playoff Prestige #48 Torii Hunter, showing his “called third strike” face; 2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #31 Doug Mientkiewicz; 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970’s #105 Bert Blyleven

Ron Coomer – “W.A.S.T.E“: this one is actually one I coined, and stands for “Worst All-Star Twin Ever”
Torii Hunter – “FotF (Face of the Franchise)“: he is also referred using other more derogatory body parts than “face”, mostly because there was never a topic he wouldn’t comment about, whether appropriate or not
Doug Mientkiewicz – “M11“:  just count the letters in his last name
Bert Blyleven…well, Bert is Bert.  What more can you say?
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Revised Twins Gameday Graphics for 2010 Season

Last year, I created a repository of some graphics that could be used in WGOM Gameday logs, and it’s time to give them a little facelift, and take into account new players on this year’s staff.  Here we go:

Scotty “Light Rail” Baker:


Kevin Slowey

Carl Pavano

Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano

Nick Blackburn

Jon Rauch

Anthony Slama


Matt Capps:

Jeff Manship:

. . .

And in addition: