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International Traveler

Five years ago, we were pleased to host my cousin Kerstin’s family from Sweden for a few days.  Since then, they have been (rightly) asking when we would reciprocate and visit them.  This year, Mo and I decided the time was right, and we began our planning.

At the time we contacted Kerstin, we had been planning on flying in to Stockholm, but she recommended we instead fly to Copenhagen, which is much closer to them — only about an hour away.  Given that, we decided to schedule in a couple days to spend in Copenhagen as well.  And lastly, Mo wanted to return to London, which she had been to many years ago.  This was my first trip to Europe, so it all sounded great to me.  We even made a reservation for Mo’s birthday meal when we would be in London.

We got each other large travel backpacks, and with these and a small suitcase we were hoping to travel as light as possible.  We also found a good international power adapter.  Mo had researched our trip fairly well, and we knew ahead of time what discount passes to pick up and had a strong list of sights to try to see.  I also made sure to load up a flash drive with a slew of family tree info and photos to bring along.

Prior to leaving, I had more than one in my family tell me to contact Hartwig and his wife Barbara in Copenhagen and try to visit with them while there.  In addition, I realized I had a college buddy living in London, and worked at possibly getting together with him while we were there, too.  You know it’s becoming a smaller world when you know of someone in each foreign country!

On April 25th, we left for Europe by way of a SAS connection in Newark.  Next:  Sweden