Ft. Myers Spring Training V

While vacationing in Ft. Myers Beach, it was announced that Spring Training would indeed be held, and that a limited amount of fans could attend at the stadium.  With that in mind, I looked forward to maybe attending my fifth Spring Training season, so I monitored the seat availability when the time came for sale of seats not picked up by season ticket holders.  I had my eyes on the March 4th game vs. the Rays, and with luck I snagged a pair of tickets.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Mo and I had seats next to the tunnel, with no one else in our row and an empty row between the fans seated in front of us and behind us.  MOST people wore their masks when they were supposed to, particularly on the concourses; not as well in the seats, but not bad.  Even so, we still felt safe enough throughout.

spring training
beautiful seats, beautiful weather

Having one quarter of the fans means that there was only one quarter of the cars in the parking lot to deal with, one quarter of the crowd at the concessions, etc, so there was that.

The game wasn’t all that cleanly played (it WAS Spring Training, after all), but there was plenty of action, and an Alex Kirilloff double off the right centerfield wall.

Kirilloff doesn’t get all of that one!

The Twins ended up losing 5-2, but with the beautiful weather and the opportunity to return to something like normal, we had a super day at the park.

And it’s also time to post a few more baseball card acquisitions:

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Upper Deck SP Authentic By The Letter Signatures “N” #BL-13 Boof Bonser [19/50] (manu-patch/auto); 2007 Upper Deck SP Authentic By The Letter Signatures “B” #BL-13 Boof Bonser [59/75] (manu-patch/auto); 2020 Topps Stadium Club #AMG Mitch Garver (auto); 2020 Bowman Prospects #PA-AB Andrew Bechtold (auto); 2020 Topps Gallery #111 Marwin Gonzalez (auto); 2019 Topps Inception Rookies and Emerging Stars #RES-JCA Jake Cave [053/225] (auto); 2017 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #CDA-BE Blayne Enlow (auto); 2018 Topps Pro Debut #30 Brent Rooker (auto)

clockwise, from top left: 2018 Topps Inception Patch #IAP-ZG Zack Granite [286/299] (auto/jersey); 2020 Topps Chrome #RA-LT Lewis Thorpe (auto)x; 2020 Donruss Signature Series #SS-LT Lewis Thorpe (auto); 2017 Topps Finest #FA-MK Max Kepler (auto); 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Star Rookie #P53 Scott Baker (auto); 2005 Upper Deck SPx Signatures Silver #160 Scott Baker [03/10] (auto); 2018 Topps Tier One Break Out #BA-MK Max Kepler [095/275] (auto); 2021 Topps 1986 35th Anniversary #86R-MS Miguel Sano (jersey)


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