Excellent Trade from Off the Grid

Not too long ago, I was contacted via the comment section here by Shane of … well, Shane has no website (yet) [EDIT: he does now! Off The Wall], but he does follow the folks here in the friendly neighborhood of online collectors.  Turns out Shane is a big Red Sox fan, and had some Twins he thought I could use.  He also had a nicely formatted wantlist that I could print out and take to the local card shop to reciprocate.

The key card for me was a 1995 Leaf Heading for the Hall Puckett (see below), but Shane gets big bonus points for doing a great job of browsing the wantlists, for hitting some of my missing 1990’s cards, and for even including cards I didn’t know I was missing.  Most were base set cards that I needed, but sprinkled in were also some inserts and even a couple 2004 Topps Gold cards.

clockwise, from left: 2006 Topps Rookie Debut #RD-18 Willie Eyre, more Groundskeeper Willie!; 2007 Topps World Domination #WD6 Johan Santana; 2004 Topps Gold #559 Joe Mauer [0701/2004]; 2010 Topps National Chicle #190 Orlando Hudson, wait, his mouth is SHUT?!

Shane, you may be flying under everyone’s radar currently, but we’ll have to see if we can’t get you set up with at least a “gateway” webpage where people can contact you.  You’re no doubt sitting on a lot of other potentially great trades.

clockwise, from left: 1996 Topps Bowman #98 Kirby Puckett; 1995 Donruss Leaf Heading for the Hall #8 Kirby Puckett [3429/5000]; 2005 Topps All-Time Favorites #108 Tom Kelly; 2004 Topps Heritage #211 Ron Gardenhire

Thanks again, Shane!


3 responses to “Excellent Trade from Off the Grid

  1. Similar to Shane, I have no blog or website yet, but I think I have a card you may enjoy. Send me an email so I can get you more details.

    matt (dot) hickes (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Nice Hall Puckett, and I love that Santana card.

    Shane, whenever you get a site up, hit me up, we’ll see if we can’t work something out. Or I might just shoot you an e-mail at some point.

  3. Thanks David!! Was a pleasure trading. Almost created a blog site a while back—I think I need to make this happen now! The key will be picking some sort of topic to center it around so that it stands a part.
    I had thought about a card collection that centers on star players being on other players cards, building of my Allen & Ginter “Frankenstein set, a 1971 Topps Set blog, or something Red Sox related such as a Lester/Buchholz site. Any suggestions? Stay tuned …
    swk473 at aol dot com

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