Nox Strigiformes Cardboardus

Okay, I’m sure that’s not Latin for Night Owl Cards, but close enough. I threw a query out there concerning a Mauer Documentary card he had posted, and it turned into a mini trade, and although it wasn’t exactly a team dump, Night Owl hit my wantlists nicely from among the other random cards that he sent, the treat being a Red Foil opening day card (see below) — didn’t even know of this parallel.

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects #BDPP55 Tobias Streich, who is this guy?!; 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP76 James Beresford; 2008 Upper Deck Documentary #3860 Joe Mauer; 2006 Topps Opening Day Red Foil #127 Shannon Stewart [772/2006]

Thanks, Nox Strigiformes — hopefully some of the cards I sent you have come home to roost, too.


One response to “Nox Strigiformes Cardboardus

  1. I never took Latin, so I can’t make a proper reply.

    Glad you like them.

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