How Could A Trade Be Any More Funner?

We always got a kick out of my youngest brother describing something as “more gooder” than something else, and I am reminded of this every time I see Julie’s blog Things are Funner Here. A few weeks back we started up a trade, and this past week our packages crossed paths on their way to their prospective new homes.

Julie sent me a several 2010-2011 Topps that I needed, plus a few s#’d cards and a rad looking Lew Ford jersey card.

clockwise, from top left: 2005 Donruss Career Stat Line #233 Brad Radke [028/319]; 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection All-Stars Future Gems #FG-LF Lew Ford; 2006 Topps Gold #194 Torii Hunter [0108/2006]; 2010 Topps Updates Gold #US-188 Orlando Hudson [1109/2010]

Thanks for the trade, Julie – enjoy your Phillies cards!

2 responses to “How Could A Trade Be Any More Funner?

  1. Glad you liked the cards! Thanks for the trade. A great irony of the “funner” thing is that I was an English major in undergrad, and it bugs me! However, it was Roy’s word, so it stays 🙂

  2. the sewingmachineguy

    You said “rad”. Funny.

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