A Trade of Nationals Importance

When it’s Nationals Trade Day, it means it’s time for a card exchange with Washington Nationals collector thingpen of NatsTown fame. I put out a query on a couple cards from thingpen’s tradelist, and a trade was born. Problem is, even though I was getting rid of some Nationals cards, the Twins cards I got in exchange all had scribbling on them!

clockwise, from top left: 2003 Bowman Best #BB-WE Willie Eyre autograph, hey – Groundskeeper Willie!; 2003 Just Minors #74 James Tomlin [152/375] autograph; 2008 Bowman Chrome XFractor #BCP258 Danny Rams [187/250] autograph, in Spring Training this guy looked like just out of junior high; 1996 Leaf Signature Series bronze Scott Stahoviak autograph

Thanks for the swap, dude!


One response to “A Trade of Nationals Importance

  1. I know, I just let anyone write on these cards!

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