Some Syzygistic Syzygism

Last week I nabbed my seventh Twins radio trivia answer, or rather, someone with a name really similar to mine from the same city! Kris Atteberry mispronounced my name, then eventually corrected it, and then mispronounced it again. Oh well. Q: Which Twins pitcher has the most innings pitched in a season without starting a game? A: Bill “Soupy” Campbell with 167 2/3 innings in 1976. My inital guess was Mike Marshall, but he started one game (and it was fewer innings). Next was Ron Perranoski, and finally when I saw Campbell’s total was higher than Marshall’s, I submitted him FTW.

Offy from Sports Syzygy bit at my most recent trade bait post and for three BoSox relics he swapped the cards below. I should not have doubted his ability to take a whack at my ’90s wantlists; he included a pair of nice ’95 Pucketts that I’d been looking for for a long time.

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Upper Deck Signature Series Impressions #IMP-JN Joe Nathan auto; 2009 Topps T-206 Piedmont mini #FMA-19 Denard Span auto; 1995 Donruss Leaf Statistical Standouts #6 Kirby Puckett [4965/5000]; 1995 Donruss Leaf Gold Leaf Stars #13 Kirby Puckett [06269/10000]

Thanks again, Offy, you done good!


One response to “Some Syzygistic Syzygism

  1. I worked in a baseball card store in the 90s and got wax at cost so I opened a lot of stuff. I still love 95 Leaf to this day so I opened a lot of that. The Gold Leaf Stars and Statistical Standouts are some of my all-time favorite inserts. The trade was good because it motivated me to pick up the Piazza cards in each of these sets. Enjoy the Pucketts and if you need any other 90s inserts, let me know!

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