I Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends) — Part 1

Back during my eBay experiment, I purchased a two-card lot of jersey cards, one of them being a 2003 Upper Deck Game Face Gear #GG-PW Preston Wilson jersey card, like this one. I already had a couple cards saved for hiflew at Cards from the Quarry, so I asked if he was interested in it. He was, but didn’t have a comparable Twins card to trade back, so we sat on it. But not for long.

Daily Dimwit turns out had a 2007 Masterpieces auto of Glen Perkins that he’d picked up off eBay…FROM THE SAME LOT I HAD BEEN BIDDING ON AGAINST HIM. Yeah, we shared a laugh about that one. Well, turns out Double D had already tapped out any Astros cards I had to trade to him, but on a whim, I asked hiflew for a favor. Yeah, he was already thinking to trade with Dimwit, so…you guessed it, another three-way trade.

DD also threw in a novel minor league card; I don’t actively collect minor league Twins, but I don’t turn them down, either.

1988 ProCards #1384 Steven Stowell; 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Stroke of Genius #SG-GP Glen Perkins (auto)

With the right traders, these kind of trades end up being a snap. Thanks for playing along, guys! (and you can tell by the post title, there’s another of these to report coming up, too)

3 responses to “I Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends) — Part 1

  1. No problem, glad I could help things along. And the Wilson is starting a new little side collection for me. I will post about it soon.

  2. Really dig that Kenosha Twins logo.
    Would also work for Tom Kelly.

  3. Glad you got them and liked the minors card. I got that in one of those goofy re-packs and figured I’d just throw it in for nothing more than the fact that it’s a Twin! Thought it was interesting how they did the TK logo to make it really close to the Twins logo. Anyways, thanks for another trade!

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