Trolling for Trades

In my continuing effort to traverse the virtual neighborhood of online collectors and find a home for my odd collection of non-Twin cards, I noticed that The Collective Troll needed most of the 2002 Topps Devil Rays, and as it so happens, I’m busting my 2002 set into team sets to trade.  After tossing a couple emails at each other (he was in the midst of a massive rip-fest), I went ahead and sent him my cards.  After returning from an Omaha business trip this week, Troll’s half of the trade was sitting in the mail pile.  All kinds of neat stuff!

(Okay, I’m trying the digital camera on macro instead of the ancient HP All-in-One scanner to see if the images are any cleaner here.  Besides the flash, not too bad…)

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones Black #66 Francisco Liriano 38 K’s [18/29]; 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini #272 Matt Tolbert; 2009 Topps Chrome Prospects Blue Refractor #BCP190 Michael Harrington [150/150]; 2007 Topps Own the Game #OTG15 Justin Morneau

There were several Topps Heritage cards and some other cards which I haven’t had time to see if I had yet or not, but this is my first black variation on a Moments & Milestones card, as well as my first black border variation of a A&G mini. Even more interesting is the serial number of the Topps refractor; I’ve never heard about Michael Harrington, but a number 150 of 150 seems pretty special to me.

I’ve had fun trading emails with TCT, and look forward to another card swap someday in the future — I’ll have my eyes out for any Ray’s cards!  If you see this “signature” in any package you receive in the mail, well, enjoy!  Thanks again, Troll.

3 responses to “Trolling for Trades

  1. if you’re ever looking to unload anything Bravesish… drop me a note. we’ll swap.

  2. Would love to trade my Twins to ya…. Email me at….

  3. I was hoping that you would know who Michael Harrington is cuz I sure didn’t! I opened up a box of Moments and Milestones HOPING for a low number Carlos Pena or Scott Kazmir and I ended up with a whole bunch of Francisco Liriano and Johan Santana cards… I think that is the LAST card I had saved from that rip. Glad to find it a good home. It has been a pleasure my friend! Now, you need to get a 2001 set and break it up!

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