A Call To The Bullpen

Originally I approached Cam (of The Bullpen Cardboard) with a J.R. Towles auto card, but instead we ended up trading for several other cards instead. Cam had a great assortment of insert, parallel, and unsual Twins cards, and even though he collects Joe Mauer as well, he graciously traded a Mauer card too (for a slew of Mauer cards in return ;)). I hope he enjoys his cards as much as I enjoy mine.

clockwise, from top left: 2003 Topps Bazooka Silver #217 Cristian Guzman; 2010 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor #98 Francisco Liriano [159/599]; 2004 Upper Deck First Pitch #8 Michael Nakamura; 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Cut from the Same Cloth Silver #CSC-MA Joe Mauer (w/Russell Martin) [121/149]; 2002 Donruss Fan Club #119 Torii Hunter; 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects Xfractor #BC37 Juan Portes [209/250]

Thanks Cam, and good luck with the 2011’s!


One response to “A Call To The Bullpen

  1. Glad you liked em.I’m behind on posts, but I’ll get one up for you soon!

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