Conjoined Twins

I’m currently watching a recording of a NOVA episode revolving around the separation of conjoined twins joined at the skull. Pretty fascinating, although I’m (intentionally) not paying the closest of attention to the surgical portions. Anyway, it’s somewhat appropriate given the two trade packages that arrived in today’s mail.

The first package was from cardjim, an administrator at Sports Card Arena, where I have been slowly finding my way around. Jim found a couple Twins autos while “dumpster diving” and became my first trading partner from SCA.

1996 Donruss Leaf Signature Series Bronze Matt Walbeck (auto); 1996 Donruss Leaf Signature Extended Chip Hale (auto)

The second conjoined Twins package came from Topher at Crackin’ Wax. The original trade was an autograph swap, Luke Hughes for Scott Baker, but when I threw in a few other cards, Topher felt compelled to also send Jesse as well. Unnecessary, but cool!

2007 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts Autofacts #AF-JC Jesse Crain (auto); 2007 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts Autofacts #AF-SB Scott Baker (auto)

Also, I had just participated in Topher’s BuBoBingo game; although I couldn’t play live, I had a fun time going through the game log to check if my card was a winner (not quite).

Thanks a lot for the trades, guys!

One response to “Conjoined Twins

  1. Hey, my pleasure. It’s always nice to strike another card off the ol’ Want List. I’m also glad you were able to participate in BoBuBingo, even if you couldn’t be there live. We’ll be playing with a Hobby Box of something or other next time, so I hope you’ll join us then!Thanks again!

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