Stats (But No Copyright) On The Back

When mmosley of Stats on the Back cold-contacted me, he sent me a couple dozen cards — a nice mix of multiple brands, which I could tell he gave my wantlists a nice once-over. And then I saw it: the 1989 Topps Turn Back the Clock Oliva…which I turned over and saw…no copyright! I don’t have a “Holy Grail list” as such, but if I did, this card would have been on it. I don’t know that it has any value other than intrinsic value, but I’ve had my eyes open for it since the set first came out.

clockwise, from top left: 1989 Topps #665 Tony Oliva (no copyright variation); 2003 Topps Opening Day mini scratchoff Doug Mientkiewicz; 2005 Topps Chrome #291 Joe Mays; 2002 Upper Deck Plus hobby #UD34 Cristian Guzman [0439/1125]; 2005 Donruss Team Heroes #189 Rod Carew; 1998 Topps Chrome #368 Scott Stahoviak

Let’s hope I find something equally interesting of the Mets variety to include in my return package. Thanks again for the trade!


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