Do I Get A Discount For Hitting The Buffet Multiple Times?

In what is nearing the tail end of a busy trading period, three packages went out the door today…and three packages arrived — NOT at all a typical day. This post covers the first of the packages that arrived, which happens to be from frequent trade partner BA Benny from BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet. BA Benny took a heads-up on the Mets trade bait post and ran with it, and we eventually had a trade filled with relics/autos, Topps Gold, and other miscellaneous cards. (images after the break)

clockwise, from top left: 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game #POG-96(A) Torii Hunter jersey; 2004 Leaf Certified Cuts Red Position #114 Shannon Stewart [086/100] jersey; 2005 Upper Deck Origins Torii Hunter jersey; 2004 Donruss Leather and Lumber Materials #80 Jacque Jones [048/100] bat

Here is a representative “variety pack” of the nine Topps Gold cards I received:

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Topps Gold #409 Michael Cuddyer [0995/2009]; 2010 Topps Gold #434 Kevin Slowey [1007/2010]; 2007 Topps Gold #307 Torii Hunter [1054/2007]; 2006 Topps Gold #643 Willie Eyre [1479/2006], Groundskeeper Willie!; 2004 Topps Gold #372 Torii Hunter [1636/2004]; 2007 Topps Opening Day Gold #98 Francisco Liriano [1887/2007]

I am pretty sure that we’ll have more trades in the future. Thanks again!


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