A Four-Letter Trade

Another season, another blind package from gcrl at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. gcrl has been good with remembering to send a Twins pocket schedule, and here came this season’s along with a sweet triple jersey GU, a couple Gold Rush parallels, my first Topps Sticker from this year, a couple hits on older Twins cards, … and he got rid of a lot of slag. 😉

Here are a few representative cards that I needed:

four letter
2007 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials Winning Trios #WT-15 Johan Santana w/Garcia,Zambrano [12/30] (triple jersey); 2005 Fleer Skybox Autographics Inscriptions #86 Harmon Killebrew [039/150]; 2012 Topps Gold Rush #95 Chris Parmelee; 1999 Topps Chrome #211 Mike Lincoln w/Dotel, Penny; 2013 Twins Schedule; 2013 Topps Sticker #83 Trevor Plouffe

Dude — Dodgers coming back at ya! Thanks again.


2 responses to “A Four-Letter Trade

  1. That Killer card is awesome.

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