And The Emmy For Best Documentary Goes To…

David from Bowman Chrome Collector already won the Best Documentary Oscar; with our second trade, he wins the Emmy as well. This time around I picked up the “Other Teams vs. Twins” cards, plus all the Documentary Gold of Twins games that David had. I made the mistake of looking for some other Twins cards he had to round out the remaining trade amount: I found a ton of older Topps Gold cards. While I picked up a handful in this trade, I’ve already begun a third trade for many of the early 2000’s Topps Gold singles.

clockwise, from top left: 2000 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion, 4 – 2001-2003 Topps Gold;1 – 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Twins; 19 – 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold “vs. Twins”; 18 – Upper Deck Documentary Gold Twins; 43 – UD Documentary “vs. Twins”

I’m now down to two remaining base Twins cards, ten or so remaining base “vs. Twins” cards, and I now have a good chunk of both gold sets. Thanks again, David!


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