A Bunt Gone Foul, and a Treatise on Topps Gum

No, this post’s title doesn’t refer to yet another poor at bat by Nick Punto, but instead to a recent trade with William at foul bunt. I contacted William because I have several 1970 Topps singles lying around that he needs for a set, and not all of them have marks or been shown too much love.

clockwise, from top left: 2009 Tristar Prospects Plus #35 Shooter Hunt, my first Shooter card; 2009 Topps Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Refractor #BDPP57 Chris Herrmann [55/99], another minor leaguer I don’t know; 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #45 Harmon Killebrew; 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum #58 Justin Morneau

Although the bundle included several of my wantlist singles from a nice variety of sets, William tried to sneak a few pre-1998 base cards past me that I already had, and that 2006 Bazooka Gold Torii Hunter had a surface crease, dude! Still, the bunt may have gone foul, but you did amazingly well considering that I threw you a crappy pitch to attempt to sacrifice — oh, and I wasn’t Bipped. 😉

With some luck, I’ll have your high# ’70 Topps cards (and a few others I can find) to the post office in the next couple days. Thanks for the trade!

And now, regarding Topps Gum

I am fortunate to have grown up during the time when every pack of Topps cards included a stick of chewy nostalgia. And they weren’t coddled like the ones that you find in rare sets nowdays, individually wrapped, and numbered, like the stick pictured here. No, they sat right next to the top card, sometimes adding a nice darkened stain to the cardboard.

A veteran collector would know that before popping one into his mouth, he needed to work up a bit of saliva and let the gum rehydrate before biting down, lest he wind up with shards painfully jammed into his soft palate. He also knew to spit his gum out before the taste was completely gone and all that remained was a trace of…sawdust? Probably pine or some other cheap wood used in the cellulose from which it was made. And not to chew too long, or wind up with jaw muscles looking like Kevin Maas.

Still, everytime I swing by Baseball Plus to shoot the bull with Mark (and buy something, hopefully), I always claim dibs on any gum lying around. Because, you know, you can’t beat nostalgia.


2 responses to “A Bunt Gone Foul, and a Treatise on Topps Gum

  1. Sorry about the crease on the Hunter card, I would have caught it had I not been cross-eyed from all the cards I went through… I ended up sending someone a stack of Griffey cards, and he didn’t even collect him… No, really, I had a ton of stuff I was going through, and will have more coming soon. Oh, the joys of moving… Anyway, Im glad you liked the cards.

    • Oh man, don’t sweat it, I was just giving you grief. I appreciate the creased Hunter more than you do, I’m sure! I’m still sitting on your package here; looks like Wednesday when I’ll get to the post office now.

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