Flirting with My Cardboard Mistress

Okay, not “flirting” per se, but “trading” with Spankee at My Cardboard Mistress. As part of my year-long apparent attempt to trade for Twins from every member of the friendly neighborhood card-collecting blogosphere, Spankee and I worked out an exchange; although he collects a select bunch of players, they included Twins player Michael Cuddyer, of which I had close to 20 different cards to trade, which along with some other cards were swapped for the three below:

clockwise, from left: 2010 Topps 206 [no #] Joe Mauer; 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Triple Memorabilia #TS-LHW Francisco Liriano (w/Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver); 2007 Upper Deck Game Memorabilia #UD-JS Johan Santana

Thanks for the trade! (and if you haven’t seen it, My Cardboard Mistress has one of the funniest blog banner images ;))

Also, in a reaction to the last few trades, I decided to create a page of “Havelists” where I could inventory the Twins relics, autos, and manu-patches already in my collection.


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