An Other Worldly Exchange

In my eternal quest for someone new to trade with, I contacted Dan from  The Other World. This was low-hanging fruit, since I already had a spreadsheet of Phillies cards available for trade from some previous trades with other Phillies traders. We were able to come up with a couple dozen cards apiece to swap, and another mutually beneficial exchange was in the books.

clockwise, from top left: 2003 Bowman Gold #15 A.J. Pierzynski; 2006 Upper Deck Masterpieces Black Border #103 Jack Morris; 2003 Bowman Uncirculated Box Topper #173 Justin Arneson [163/250]; 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #261 Torii Hunter, that’s his “O” face

Dan hit the wantlists with some Bowman, A&G, and Goudy, plus some nice other items like the ones shown above. Thanks again for the trade, dude!


One response to “An Other Worldly Exchange

  1. I got your comment about trading some Twins for Mariners. I’m sure we can work out a deal. Shoot me an e-mail at nosaint44atyahoodotcom and we can get together. Thanks again for reading the blog.

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