And The Oscar For Best Documentary Goes To…

2008 Upper Deck Documentary is possibly the most polarizing set ever made, outside of any Yankees-only team sets. People either (try to) collect them, or they avoid them. If you are on the side of the line that despises them, you won’t want to hear this: besides collecting the Twins cards, I also collect opponents’ cards in games they are playing against the Twins! And I found the gatekeeper to a motherlode.

While perusing SportsCardFun some more, I found David of Bowman Chrome Collector, and he had a metric ton of UD Doc singles. He was kind enough to take star Gold card singles and an Angels autograph card in trade, and I received the following bounty:

clockwise, from top left: 28- 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Twins base; 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Seasonal Signatures #MT Matt Tolbert (auto); 2008 Upper Deck Documentary All-Star #ASG-JO Joe Mauer; 14- 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold Twins; 1- 2008 Upper Deck Documentary “vs Twins” base

This leaves me three cards short of completing the Twins base cards. I’m in the process of putting together a second trade to pick up more Gold cards as well as a slew of the remaining “vs Twins” cards that he has, which should almost finish those off as well. Thanks a bunch, David!


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