TRADE BAIT! (Braves Edition)

Okay, I’m going to make a concerted effort to bring some traders out of the woodwork. After the jump are scans and photos of the Braves paraphernalia that I have for trade, in hopes of procuring comparable Twins cards currently in my wantlists — click on the “Continue reading” link below to see them.

If you have any specific questions about anything you see here, please feel free to ask. I have access (indirectly) to a lot more than this, too, if interested.

[btw, which team(s) should I post trade bait for next?]

Click on each image to embiggen:

relics, autographs

various junk wax, newer cards, 2008 Topps Opening Day, and 30 different 2008 UD Documentary

1970 Topps Poster, complete 2002 team set, 1979 Topps Comics

magazine insert cards, and 1992 Jimmy Dean card

various Andruw Jones cards; 2010 Topps Update Gold

various Chipper Jones cards


5 responses to “TRADE BAIT! (Braves Edition)

  1. I’ll find something on your want list for that Millwood jersey card and those magazine cards of Avery & Glavine. I’ll be in touch shortly via e-mail w/ my offer.

  2. I have some cards available for trading, you can check them out at

    – Thanks.

    • How is it going? just wanted to see if you were still interested in a trade? I have a few more cards to show you; could I have your email address so I can send you a picture of the cards?


  3. Marlins or Tampa Bay!!

  4. I’ve got a Glen Perkins auto in exchange for that Moylan auto if you’re interested.

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