A Wicked Christmas Gift, And A “Travellin’ Lee” Sighting

Once more Wicked Ortega from My Past Time…… I Love It! showed his perfect timing. After a brief exchange of emails regarding one of his trade bait postings, I quickly dropped a Mike Stanton refractor into the mail on its way. The Wicked One, on the other hand, calculated the exact delivery time for a Florida-to-St. Louis package and took his time so that the precise arrival would be on Christmas Eve. Not only that, he once more caused a “hope my package got there haven’t seen yours yet/sorry nevermind it arrived in today’s mail” pair of emails from me…d@mn, he’s good!

clockwise, from top left; 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #107 Joe Nathan, from his dark & brooding period, 2009 Upper Deck Icons Icons Green #IC-DY Delmon Young [047/125], 2009 Upper Deck Icons Future Foundations #FF-JM Joe Mauer [195/999], 2005 Topps Crack Jack Mini Stickers #194 Jason Kubel

Sorry though, Wicked, I’m going to have to avoid your blog for a while — you’re posting too many cool Twins cards for trade bait, and I don’t have anything (yet) to offer up! Thanks again, dude, and happy holidays.
(addendum: unless you need a 2010 Bowman Platinum Carl Crawford, Mike Stanton, and Josh Johnson?)

The second part of this post is to announce that I have found two receptive (and patient) traders with which to make my first three-way exchange (possibly their first as well); more details at a later date. The reason I mention this now is that one of these two fine traders is going to find himself the recipient of the “Travellin’ Lee” — another of those cool ideas that got introduced to the friendly neighborhood card trading blogger community. Mr. Lee has been to several traders already, and each has made their mark on the front of the card (nicely subtle, Captain). After trips overseas and north of the border, Cliff has his bags packed for a quick trip to…well, you’ll have to keep your eyes open for his appearance at another blog…


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