Anatomy Of A Three-Way

OMG, get out of the gutter! A three-way trade! Sheesh.

I’d always been fascinated with sports trades in which three different teams could logistically come up with a trade between each other where players would end up heading off into any combination of directions. The thought of eventually pulling one off with a baseball card trade has been equally fascinating, and I finally found a situation and a couple of patient traders who were willing to play along. It went something like what follows (guys, correct me if I got any of this wrong)…

Things started out fairly fortuitously with The Daily Dimwit posting some of his 2007 UD Masterpieces, which included a couple nice Twins hits. I owed The Dimwit already for some cards he’d graciously sent my way and I already wanted to return the favor, but in this case I didn’t have anything swell Astros-wise to trade…yet. Enter trader #2.

(…Joe) from The Sandlot dropped a note out of the blue wondering if I was interested in the Twins cards from his really, really, (really!) sweet Topps Unique break. I didn’t participate (I have to limit the number and amounts of PayPal that pop up in Quicken), but I was certainly interested, and with my Mets trade bait post almost ready to go, I gave (…Joe) an early crack at what I had. I also mentioned that I was looking for Astros cards for The Dimwit. He found several Mets cards to his liking, and also pointed my to his trade bait webpage which had some other Twins cards that caught my eye…and some Astros!

I presented (…Joe)’s list to The Dimwit, of which there were two nice Astros cards that he wanted, and (…Joe) was able to settle on some of my ’71 Mets cards (on the condition he show them the love and attention that cards from my youth deserve), so that half of the three-way was settled. I suggested that he and The Dimwit check to see if there were any cards they wanted to swap between themselves as well, since packages were going to be mailed to us all already. Lastly, I sent a package of Astros that I had here off to The Dimwit (mostly for the Manship autograph from this break), taking care of the other half of the three-way.

And as icing on top of it all, (…Joe) received the “Travellin’ Lee” card that had been passed to me from Sewing Machine Guy. I don’t remember who started this fun idea either, but my contribution was to dub it the Travellin’ Lee — a card this infamous needs a name, and Cliff’s card has certainly done his share of travellin’ already, if you take a look at the locations written on him.

As you can see, a three-way trade takes some work, but it’s definitely fun and worth the effort. Anyway, my portion of the haul can be found after the break by clicking the Continue link. Thanks again, guys — hope you enjoyed your cards, and look forward to future trades!

The Dimwit’s package arrived first, which included:

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Captured on Canvas #CC-JN Joe Nathan; 2010 Topps Chrome #187 Luke Hughes; 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Stroke of Genius #SG-BO Boof Bonser; 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces #35 Joe Mauer; 2007 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness #SG-JM Jeff Manship; 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #103 Jack Morris

From (…Joe), some 2006 Upper Deck, some 1998 Pacific online, some 2006 Topps Turkey Red, some miscellania, and these:

clockwise, from top left: 2007 Upper Deck Elements #235 Alexi Casilla [324/550]; 2009 Topps Unique Dual Distinction #DDR-MM Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau [27/99]; 2007 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts #18 Joe Mauer, “Who me?”; 2007 Topps Chrome Refractor #120 Joe Mauer; 2007 Topps Chrome White Refractor #152 Torii Hunter [276/660]; 2006 Fleer Suite Level #193 Francisco Liriano


2 responses to “Anatomy Of A Three-Way

  1. Nicely done! I’m in the middle of a mini 3 way but mine is a bit messier – one guy got 2 packages, another is getting 1, and then i got 1. Almost got a 4th person involved but that fell through…craziness though.

  2. Disappointed there was no Mientkiewicz involved…

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