Anyone Looking for Relics? And a Swap with The Sandlot

First, the relics: hopefully everyone has a friendly neighborhood baseball card shop like I have here in St. Chas. County, MO. Mark, the shop owner, has a large box of a variety of relics — stuff like 2010 Peak Performance, some Goudy, a few manu-patches — you name it, even some football relics. If you have any Twins relics or autos that I need, or any Cardinals relics or autos that Mark would like (particularly current Cardinals), we will be happy to swap for whatever player/team relic you might be looking for that he has. No guarantees on particular players, but a few cards from pretty much every MLB team is represented in the pile of cards (and again, a few football relics). Drop me an email or a comment here, and I can see what cards there are that you might want and what kind of trade can be done. Scans can be made as well, if wanted. (Oh, and please look through my wantlists, and ask what else I might have for trade that you are looking for.)

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled post…

Joe from The Sandlot and I worked out a quick trade of a handful of cards recently, and it’s always pleasant to see a mutually beneficial trade happen with only a little effort. For a few of my lightly-loved ’71s from my childhood, I received in exchange some 2001 Opening Day Twins and some serial#’d Upper Decks, which arrived just in time for my birthday (9/11).

clockwise, from top left: 2005 Upper Deck Classics Post Season Performers #PP-JM Jack Morris [858/999]; 2001 Topps Opening Day #88 Brad Radke; 2005 Upper Deck Classics Classic Moments #CM-JM Jack Morris [1833/1999]; 2006 Upper Deck Silver Spectrum #284 Shannon Stewart [06/25]

Always a pleasure, Joe. Keep me in mind if you come across any Twins in the future!


4 responses to “Anyone Looking for Relics? And a Swap with The Sandlot

  1. Hey Rhubarb Runner, got your comment on my MyCardboardMistress blog. I do have some twins you may be interested in. Email me at Adam dot L dot Cowling at gmail dot com.

  2. Hey, happy birthday dude!

  3. Hey Rhubarb Runner, I’ve got a 2007 Sweet Spot Morneau jersey for you if you can find me a Braun, Fielder, or Gallardo jersey.

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