The Phillies Room, World Series-style

There’s nothing like receiving a load of Twins cards in the mail to improve one’s day, and that certainly happened Friday.  Jim from over at The Phillies Room took a big swipe at my wantlist and swapped several Twins for a bunch of Phillies stuff, mostly 1974 singles and some fun oddball stuff.  Jim even threw in a few extras; most that I already had (but that I can find a new home), but a couple neat ones though.  Here are some highlights:

phillies room 1
clockwise, from top left: 2003 Fleer Tradtion #77 Harmon Killebrew, one of the few times he isn’t smiling; 2009 Upper Deck Starquest #SQ-47 Emerald Super Rare Justin Morneau; 2004 Fleer Authentix #34 Torii Hunter; 2004 Bowman Gold #169 Matt Moses

In addition, a few others caught my eye:

phillies room 2
clockwise, from top left: 2004 Topps Total #580 Jacque Jones “It’s outta here!”; 2006 Upper Deck #698 Matt Guerrier, a nice photo of Shaggie; 2006 Topps Heritage #13 Lew Ford – okay, this pose is just plain dumb; 2003 Topps #501 Cristian Guzman kicking up the dust and making the SAFE! call

Trading with Jim gets two thumbs up from me; I’m sure we’ll work out another swap sometime.  And for him (and all of us), I’d sure love for the Phillies to take things in hand in the World Series, too.

Addendum: Bro Double-S uncovered a mystery about a beloved Twin which, if proven true, undermines the very core of his Twins’ Hall of Fame speech, and everything Twins fans hold dear about him.  While browsing through the Twins’ cards from my most recent swap, SS noticed this little tidbit, which Fleer tried to stealthily slip by unnoticed on the back of #137 of their 2004 base set:

14-10 in 2003 with…the Giants?!

Could this be true?  Did Fleer scoop Topps, UD, Donruss, and even the Twins broadcasting crew (well, that last one I’d believe), and have we been misled these past six years about his uninterrupted career with the Twins?  More rigorous investigation needs to be done…


6 responses to “The Phillies Room, World Series-style

  1. Glad you liked the cards!

    I hope to post a few of the Phillies cards you sent my way as soon as my scanner is up and running again.

  2. Does that make Radke a member of TMBG?

  3. That’s a solid card for Lew there.

  4. I think they confused him with Dravecky. But it was his right arm that fell off.

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