…Something Gold, And Something Blue

And finally, trade packages #4 and #5, the last of the arrivals while I was snowbound in Omaha. The first was from hiflew at Cards from the Quarry, who had a series of trade bait posts where a Cuddyer jersey card and a Bartlett Topps Gold card caught my eye. He also had some Gold Foil parallel Twins, and in exchange I sent him some Rockies Gold. And I owe him a PTBNL, thanks to his generosity.

clockwise, from top left: 2008 Topps Gold Foil #12 Jason Bartlett; 2008 Topps Gold #12 Jason Bartlett [1368/2008]; 2009 Upper Deck Icons #IC-CU Michael Cuddyer jersey; 1994 Topps Gold #621 Carl Willis; 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Gold Foil #UH41 Joe Mauer; 2007 Topps Flashback Fridays #FF13 Johan Santana

And last but not least, Matt, who apparently is TOO GOOD TO HAVE HIS OWN BLOG [ 😉 ], dropped a comment to a past post saying he had a card I might want; turns out it was a pretty blue Morneau with the piece of ash (below), which of course I did want. Matt threw in a few other Twins as well. Hopefully he’ll have a website in the future; we gave Shane enough pressure to create one — time to do the same with Matt!

clockwise, from top: 2003 Topps Traded & Rookies Future Phenoms Justin Morneau bat; 2### Topps Total ### J.D. Durbin, The Real Deal!!; 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter mini ### Francisco Liriano

Thanks for the trade!


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