A’s For Effort

Earlier this week I received an email from Ron at NYBBNUTT’s Baseball Card Trading Page. It’s always a treat to hear from traders I haven’t communicated with for quite a while. Like me, Ron’s also been active on The Bench, but I hadn’t traded with him for 2-½ years. He informed me that he had a package that was on its way to me, and wished me Happy New Year’s.

The package arrived in short order, and in it were a couple dozen Twins from my wantlist. There was a little of everything, so I could appreciate that he’d done some serious digging. They weren’t just base cards; several were parallels (Bowman Gold, Ultra Gold Medallion), and ones that were base cards weren’t the typical flagship sets. For example:

clockwise, from top left: 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #BDP155 Justin Morneau; 2000 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion #181G Brad Radke; 1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Artist Proof #184 Matt Lawton; 1998 Topps Stars #6 David Ortiz [4835/9799]; 2003 Bowman Gold #265 Jose Morales; 1987 Sportflics #81 Bert Blyleven; 2000 Topps Stars #148 B.J. Garbe; 1999 Upper Deck SPx Bronze #SPX31 Paul Molitor

Wait — let’s look a little closer…


The Aficionado card was an Artist Proof — very nice. Initially I wasn’t impressed with the Sportflics, but casually checked the copyright date on the back…! Sure enough, it was a factory set card and had a 1987 copyright, instead of the 1986 copyright that the typical 1987 Sportflics cards will sport. I don’t know that they’re worth any more, or even if people (other than me) are looking for them, but I’ve known about them for almost 25 years and this is the first I’ve seen.

So, what to send back in return? Well, I know he collects Topps, but he slyly seems to be leaving it up to me what the contents of the package might look like. To quote SNL, “Oh, I’ll play your game, you rogue!” That post title might be a hint.

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