A Peacetime Hostage Exchange

Last fall, I pulled a Chris Johnson jersey/auto redemption card from a Topps pack, and of course I knew that Double-D (The Daily Dimwit) would like it. I let him know it was his for the taking, and when the card (finally!) arrived from Topps, we wrapped a trade around it. Not only did Dimwit have a great Puckett relic card to exchange, but he found a Twins silk card from this year’s Topps as well, and included several Gypsy Queen cards. I dropped by the LCS and snagged what I could find for his Kimball Mini and Gypsy Queen wantlists — hopefully I found enough to pass back from my end of the swap.

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Topps Silk Michael Cuddyer [19/50]; 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Reprint Relic #TRR-KPJ Kirby Puckett (jersey); 2011 Topps Gold #293 Justin Morneau [0184/2011]; 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Wall Climbers #WC4 Denard Span

You always seem to make for smooth trades, Double-D; hope your “hostages” arrive there unharmed!

4 responses to “A Peacetime Hostage Exchange

  1. Love the Span card. What ballpark is that?

    • Looked at Double-D’s page. He had a nice-looking duensing on the top of his page also from that GQ series. That series would be at least 50% better if they didn’t have to include the trademark and registered marks after the teams’ names. Like motor-oil spots on a wedding dress.

  2. Those are some mighty fine cards you got there! Haha… Glad you like them and glad we could pull of the trade! Hopefully there’s a package waiting for me at home today when I get off work!

    • They only look mighty fine because I have a quality scanner and did extensive post-scan cleanup on the graphics! 😉

      The package should be there, yeah. Don’t forget to take the package to your sterile room and put on your white gloves before you handle the cards!

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