Quicker Than Bob’s Yer Uncle

When it comes to looking for cards to trade and throwing an exchange package together, it doesn’t get any easier than with Good Trading Buddy™ BobFranklin at baseballcardz.com. Mark at my LCS knows to set aside any non-standard Braves and Phillies, and if they’re ones that Bob can use, I pick them up and add them to his pile. Not sure where Bob gets his Twins, but he’s always got some good stuff, including the odd AU or GU cards. When our respective stacks get to critical mass, they get bundled up and sent on their way. Thanks again for the trade, Bob!

clockwise, from top left: 2006 Topps Co-Signers #CS-74 Francisco Liriano w/Ervin Santana (dual auto); 2010 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection #CCR-JCR Joe Crede (jersey); 2017 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor #54 Joe Mauer [209/299]; 2009 Upper Deck Gold #734 Francisco Liriano [55/59]; 2014 Bowman Silver #6 Oswaldo Arcia [27/75]; 2017 Bowman Draft Chrome Blue Refractor #BDC-191 Nick Gordon [044/150]; 2017 Topps Toys ‘R Us Purple #126 Miguel Sano; 2016 Gypsy Queen photo variation #16 Miguel Sano

Some additional acquisitions below the break…

clockwise, from top left: 2018 Topps Gypsy Queen #GQA-ZG Zack Granite (auto); 2017 Bowman Chrome AFL Fall Stars #AFLR-NG Nick Gordon [56/99] (jersey); 2017 Topps Pro Debut #149 Fernando Romero (auto); 2006 Bowman Autographs White #228 Willie Eyre [044/120] (auto); 2007 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials Limited Silver #WM-TO Torii Hunter [60/99] (jersey); 2002 Bowman Chrome Refractor #386 Brian Wolfe (auto); 2014 Topps Chrome Refractor Blue #24 Josmil Pinto [104/199] (auto); 2018 Topps Spring Training Blue #STP-MS Miguel Sano [96/99]

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