Two Small, But Entirely Different Trades

Lately I’ve made a couple quick trades, based on cards I’ve recently picked up, or found at the LCS. Two packages arrived the other day: one was the result of one of these quick trades, but the other took quite a while to complete.

Found a 2011 Topps Silk Rockies card at the LCS the other day, and gave hiflew from Cards from the Quarry a shot at it. While, he didn’t have a Twins card to exchange, he offered a handful of Buy It Now cards from eBay worth roughly the same, and the Liriano relic below is what I selected. A trade couldn’t have gone smoother.

Justin, from Justin’s World, on the other hand, well the trade fermented quite a while before cards were exchanged. The Revere Blue below was one of the cards he sent, as well as what’s below after the break…

From left: 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Memorabilia #SW-FL Francisco Liriano; 2001 Topps Opening Day blue border #51 Ben Revere [1479/2011]

…why, Justin?! Why did you have to go there!?!

coach Brad Freakin’ Childress

Thanks again hiflew! And, uh, thanks Justin…

One response to “Two Small, But Entirely Different Trades

  1. I’ve got some twins stuff on my recent post, see if any of it interest you?

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