A Card From The Great White North (Complete With Weather)

Growing up in the NW corner of Minnesota, a person got a good understanding of the winter storm terminology used by the TV meteorologists, and an expectation of what was coming. First, there are the wet Chinook winds out of the Pacific NW, which can get pretty chilly. The next level is the Alberta Clipper, a cold blast of Canada’s finest that will have snow drifting all over the place. And then there’s the dreaded Siberian Express, the nasty bone-chilling cold air mass passing right over the north pole with a shipment of frostbite direct to your doorstep. It was one of that last one where I set my personal low temp record of -46°F (-105°F windchill) just before Christmas in 1983.

Well, two packages arrived in today’s mail (I’ll get to the second one in a subsequent post), and one of them was from Waxaholic‘s own Captain Canuck…and not far behind was the Alberta weather that it brought with it.

Living just outside of St. Louis is nothing like living Up Nort’, but it still gets (relatively) chilly here. Our temps dropped over 20° and winds tonight will be ~30MPH, with some snow (not a lot) overnight. That is one powerful package you sent, Cap’n.

So, what was in that package? Although I’d been looking for an excuse to trade with C. Canuck in the past, my Braves trade bait post finally did the trick. And though I had hoped for a more grandiose exchange, it turned out to be a simple one-for-one swap. Meh, what the heck — it did the job, even if it messed up our weather for a while.

2007 Topps Bowman’s Best autograph #83 Glen Perkins

Thanks again, Captain…but next time, keep the weather!


2 responses to “A Card From The Great White North (Complete With Weather)

  1. I didn’t give you the weather… just shared some of it. I hate being greedy.

    damn those cards scan nice.

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