Gifts From Three Wisemen

We’re not talking gold, frankincense, and myrrh here; we’re not even talking Topps Gold, Frank Quilici, and Mauer, neither.

This past week I sent out five different packages, and none were to the three guys that sent these packages to me. I’m guessing that a lot of us card collecting bloggers out there are making a year-end effort to clear the trade piles off the desk. Well, now that my various Christmas musical responsibilities at church are pretty much over, I can see about picking up the rest of the cards I need to fill out these three trade return packages and drop them in the mail with the last minute holiday rush. Sounds like a plan, anyway.

I’ve had several trades with flywheels at Cardboard Collections, and I know many of you have as well. I didn’t know UD made magazine inserts for Tuff Stuff until flywheels posted about them, but now I (maybe) have all the Twins from the set. Plus a few other nice cards.

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green Xfractor #BCP199 Manuel Soliman; 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen red-back mini #286 Jason Kubel; 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen mini #307 Danny Valencia; 2006 Upper Deck Tuff Stuff Magazine insert #TSUD-45 Justin Morneau; 2006 Upper Deck Tuff Stuff Magazine insert #TSUD-48 Johan Santana

The second package was my first from overseas. Jackplumstead from Pursuit of Red Sox and I started talking trade after he posted a Molitor throwback manu-patch card. While I was more talk, John’s a man of action, and now I have to get my act together for the return package. I got several nice cards from him that I needed, and several I already had that will make their way to my nephew.

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Bowman Prospects #BP58 Adrian Salcedo; 2011 Topps Throwback Manufactured Patch #TLMP-PMO Paul Molitor (manu-patch); 2004 Topps Total Silver #486 Corey Koskie; 2008 Upper Deck Timeline #269 Carlos Gomez

The last package was from Potch at Potch Wheeler and the Cardboard Heroes. Like a good wine, this trade took time to age. The key component was a Scherzer auto for the Wimmer auto below, but a few other cards also were involved, including some chrome rainbow. (btw, I hope the move went well for you, Potch!)

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor #118 Francisco Liriano [290/499]; 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects Refractor #BPA-AW Alex Wimmers (auto); 2011 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor #59 Joe Nathan; 2011 Topps Heritage #166 Kevin Slowey

Thanks for the cards, guys, and happy holidays!


One response to “Gifts From Three Wisemen

  1. Always a pleasure to trade. Glad there were some card in the pile that you needed.

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