Looking For Smed In All The Wrong Places

Back in the 80’s, with the proliferation of more and more brands of baseball cards, I decided to just focus on collecting Twins cards. When I did this, I set the following guidelines:

  • only one of each card — no dupes
  • starting with 1961 — no Senators
  • major league only — no minor league cards unless they specifically say MN Twins
  • no “extra-curicullar” cards (All-Star, post-season, World Baseball Classic, etc.) unless they specifically say MN Twins
  • checklists or leader cards only if they specifically identify players as with the MM Twins

Let’s see how Smed (from Smed’s Baseball Card Blog) did with this latest package: 😉

  1. a couple of mid-90’s junk wax dupes; not a problem — I have two nephews that I share those with
  2. minor league cards of Johnny Ard, Troy Buckley, and 1991 Portland Beavers AAA coaches — I don’t collect them, but I don’t turn them away either — I’ll stash those with the others
  3. 1959 Washington Senators Roy Sievers; nice card of a really good player — trade bait, anyone interested?
  4. 2011 Bowman GU of Kyle Gibson from the Futures Game; Twins 1st-Rounder (and former Mizzou Tiger) out with Tommy John’s — well, son-of-a-gun, it says he’s with the Twins on the back, a keeper!
  5. 2011 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor of Madison Boer…nice!

Not a bad unsolicited shotgun package, all things considered.

clockwise, from top left: 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects #BDPP85 Madison Boer; 2011 Bowman Future Games Relic #FGR-KG Kyle Gibson (jersey); 1959 Topps #340 Roy Sievers; 1990 Best Orlando Sun Rays #23 Johnny Ard

Thanks, Smed — your check is in the mail return package will be on its way in the upcoming days.


2 responses to “Looking For Smed In All The Wrong Places

  1. Hey, I gave it a whirl. You know, you should have posted the card of the coaches. It was a classic piece of…um…

    • Ha — yeah, I think even my waistline is a little more in shape than those guys!

      no, hey, it was a good package, thanks again. I’m going to have to find something interesting in return 😉

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