Thorzul Will Rule: Trade Me Anything III

Well, this is one baseball card trade that was a bit different. Thorzul over at Thorzul Will Rule is in his third incarnation of his “Trade Me Anything” series. Noticing that he had a Twins card that I lacked, I took him up on his offer and traded him a Eugene, OR to Vancouver, BC Amtrak schedule (plus a couple Brewers items). As the sixth person to trade on this go-round, here is what I received in return:

2009 Topps Update Gold #UH166 Mike Redmond [677/2009]

I’m really surprised this card is an update; didn’t Topps have enough cards in their base set to include the backup catcher, particularly one who’s a veteran and been on the team for several years? I guess not.

Anyway, this was a lot of fun, Thorzul, and I’ll look forward to it the next time it comes around.  Best of luck in your collecting!


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