Wheelin’in’ and Dealin’in’

In the past few weeks, I’ve completed three successful trades over the internet (I say completed, but I have yet to get all the cards filed in binders yet), and wanted to give a shout out to each of them; they are all great trading partners, and have my full endorsement.

Matt F. over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius agreed to the first trade, finding a home for some of my well-loved 1971 cards (ie: years from being near-mint) in exchange for a slug of Twins.

classic phone card Next, Spiff (Texas Rangers Cards) and I exchanged a few emails and put together a Rangers / Twins exchange.  I find it interesting that I’m not the only one who gets more of a thrill from the oddball than the valuable.

Lastly, GCRL at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes sent me a cr@pload of Twins, which I countered with some Dodgers and missing set cards he needed (including a sweet 1961 Drysdale that I got a good deal on).  I still have a ton of 90’s singles to wade through yet (pretty sure I have most of them — the hazards of a hit-and-miss wantlist).

One (of several) reasons I decided to take the plunge and create my own blog was to have a home-base for trades like these, and to start putting my want list in a public location.  Maybe I’ll see about also creating a page to house what I have to trade (which is modest, but has some interesting stuff mixed in).

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